[Guide] Player Report

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Alright, Firstly please make sure you have understood the rules and you know what is actually punishable before submitting your player report application. Please make sure that you also have evidence to backup your report.

Punishable Offenses

  1. Use of Hacked Clients (Perm Ban / Temp Ban)
  2. Advertisement (Warning / Mute)
  3. Scamming Users (Mute / Ban)
  4. Inappropriate Content (Ban)
  5. Excessive Cursing (Perm Mute / Temp Mute)
  6. Excessive Spamming (Perm Mute / Temp Mute)
  7. Discriminating Others because of their, Age, Religion, Race, Gender. (Perm Mute / Temp Ban)
  8. Staff Abuse
  9. Anything else that is found at https://mineshaft.me/terms

Report Application

  • You are able to report a player be clicking on ME.
  • Remeber! If you do not have evidence your report will be closed.


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