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[Guide] Report a Staff Member

Report Application

  • You are able to report a player be clicking on ME.
  • Remeber! If you do not have evidence your report will be closed.

For more information about how to report please view the following thread:



2 months ago

[Guide] Player Report

Alright, Firstly please make sure you have understood the rules and you know what is actually punishable before submitting your player report application. Please make sure that you also have evidence to backup your report.

Punishable Offenses

  1. Use of Hacked Clients (Perm Ban / Temp Ban)
  2. Advertisement (Warning / Mute)
  3. Scamming Users (Mute / Ban)
  4. Inappropriate Content (Ban)
  5. Excessive Cursing (Perm Mute / Temp Mute)
  6. Excessive Spamming (Perm Mute / Temp Mute)
  7. Discriminating Others because of their, Age, Religion, Race, Gender. (Perm Mute / Temp Ban)
  8. Staff Abuse
  9. Anything else that is found at

Report Application

  • You are able to report a player be clicking on ME.
  • Remeber! If you do not have evidence your report will be closed.


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Discord Server Rules

-> Please do not use bot commands in any other channel except #bot-spam.

-> Do not advertise under any conditions.

-> Please keep all kind of chats with staff in English if possible.

-> Please keep the chats clean and do not post anything about other services.

-> Please do not use inappropriate avatars, usernames or nicknames.

-> Do not play loud music in voice channels.

-> Swearing is allowed, not aggressively. 

-> Do not post any NSFW content.

-> Do not play any NSFW content.

-> Do not discriminate others.

-> Please do not use alternative accounts.

-> If you have any questions please ask our staff department.

-> Do not post any personal information.

2 months ago

Official MineShaft Network Rules

In order for us to ensure that there us a positive and enjoyable experience within MineShaft we expect all members to follow the server rules whilst playing on the network. 

Breaking any of the server rules may result in a rightful punishement from our server. To ensure that we have a safe and fun community we expect you follow the fules. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact us either on the forums or our discord server.


Server Rules

  • Please make sure you have understood the rules & guidelines of MineShaft Network.
  • You can view the rules by clicking ME.
2 months ago

[HELPER] Staff Application

Staff Application Format

Do you think you have what it takes to become a Helper? Your job as a Staff Member is to give support to our members on the server and answer their questions. You are also able to control yourself and follow the server rules & staff code of conduct. If anyone does not follow the fules your job there is the give the rightful punishment.


  1. You must meet our age requirements in order to become a Member of Staff. The age requirement to become a member of staff at MineShaft is that you are older than 13 years old.
  2. You must have access to discord. We may ask you to come for an interview.
  3. You must be able to speak English and you have good spelling skills.
  4. You must be mature and able to work with others at all times.
  5. You must be able to dedicate enough time to MineShaft per day.

Staff Application:

  • You can begin your application to by clicking ME.
  • Remember! Don't stress, It's just a game server not real life.


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